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The clients we’re presenting used our conversion-focused design and battle-tested marketing approach. Each element of their digital marketing has been tested and optimized for leads and conversion the Locus Digital way.
Unsurprisingly, these clients are now at the top of their respective fields and have outperformed their competitors in terms of sales, traffic, and branding.
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Auto Glass Repair

We helped an Auto Glass Repair company increase their conversion rate by 66%!
  • Increased click-through rate by 9%
  • Increased average monthly clients from 22 to 80
  • Reduced cost-per-conversion by -69%

Basement Waterproofing

We helped a basement waterproofing company increase their conversion rate by 12.03%!
  • Increased clients from 3 per month to 21 per month
  • Increased pay-per-click conversion rate to 14%

Carpet Cleaner

We helped a carpet cleaner increase conversion rate by 20%!
  • Improved average lead generation conversion rate by 10%
  • Achieved 20+% conversion rate inthe first 30 days

Quantity Surveyors

We helped a quantity surveyors company break through their CPA goal of £50 with £30!
  • Broke client’s goal by almost 50%
  • Increased conversion rate by 29%

Dental Orthodontics

We helped a dental orthodontics company increase their conversion rate by 12% consistently for 5 months!
  • Converted 162 leads into actual clients
  • Maintained average cost-per-click of $7.75 (Industry low)


We helped a dentist reduce his cost-per-lead to only $35!
  • Increased conversion rate by 16%
  • Reduced cost-per-lead by 75%
  • Increased CTR by 5.82%

Fence Installation

We helped a fence installation company increase their conversion rate to 40.36%!
  • Consistently broke through client’s conversion rate goal of 10% for 3 months
  • Kept average cost-per-click to  only $4

Lawyer: Criminal Property Migration

We helped a lawyer increase his conversion rate by 21%!
  • Increased traffic by 100%
  • Increased clicks by 130%

Lawyer: Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

We helped a lawyer increase his conversion rate by 14%!
  • Increased CTR by 78%
  • Increased leads by 425%
  • Converted 88% more clients

Liability Insurance

We helped a liability insurance company achieve a Cost-Per-Lead of $6.16!
  • Broke through client’s Cost-Per-Lead goal of $10
  • Improved conversion rate by 29%

Online University Courses

We helped an online university courses company reduce their CPA from £116 to £60!
  • Outperformed client’s CPA goal of £75
  • Reduced CPA by 20%


We helped a plumber increase his conversion rate by 24%!
  • Improved total leads by40%
  • Decreased cost per lead by anadditional 31%.

Security Guard Services

We helped a security guard services company increase conversion rate by 25%!
  • Increased the number of conversions by 150%
  • Increased traffic to the site by 180%
  • Increased CTR by 30%

Water Filtration Systems

We helped a water filtration systems company increase their CTR to 2.10%
  • 3x Clickthrough rate in 7 months
  • Consistently outperformed previous CTR %

Massage School

We helped a massage school increase their conversion rate by 165%!
  • Increased clicks by 31%
  • Increased impressions by 39%
  • Reduced cost per conversion to -49%

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