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Office Supplies Retailer

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Cartridge Plus, MD

What We Designed:
Yellow and orange are intellectually active colors, which is why we used them in Cartridge Plus MD’s website. Coupled with white, and images of school supplies and wood paneling in the background, the entire effect is that of a homey schoolhouse.

The home page opens with customer login fields, plus a CTA to register for new visitors. The login button redirects the visitor to the EPIC Business Essentials order point.

Between the main menu and flat icon display of services, we placed the company’s certification in large characters, a unique design and functional element that conveys the company’s credibility and commitment to their business. Underneath it is a brief about section, followed by three animated thumbnails depicting more information about the company’s services. What makes these icons interesting is that each of them moves when you hover your cursor over an icon, and clicking on it brings out a smaller page with its corresponding information.

At the footer, you’ll find the company’s contact information, contact form, and sitemap.

All in all, this website’s layout is relatively simple with unique and interesting elements, and a strong visual impact thanks to its bright and cheerful color scheme that fits with the company’s persona.

About Our Client:
Cartridge Plus is a Maryland-based supplier of office supplies, toner and ink cartridges, janitorial supplies, office furniture, shipping, and packaging supplies. They also center on eco-friendly office products, and specialty ADA products for the disabled.

Launch Project:

Office supplies

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