3 Ways to Get Ahead Through Digital Marketing

Apr 27, 2018
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Do you think you have what it takes to dominate your industry?

When you look at companies that have that have surged past their competition and reigned supreme in their market, you must be wondering what they did to get to that level. Is it because they offer the best product or service? Sometimes this is the case, but a lot of times, it’s actually not.

What does it come down to? One word: marketing.

The fight for market share is now in the digital realm. All of your customers are online – why aren’t you?

One way to get to the top is by being the best at digital marketing. It won’t be an easy feat, but if you get the right mix, it will be within reach soon enough.

What does it take to get to the top through digital marketing? Let’s take a look at three key steps.

Be a trailblazer

Getting ahead is easier when you’re the first to do digital marketing. If you have this advantage, you have greater opportunities to get your share of the market.

By being the first to market in your industry, you have the chance to set the tone. You also have the opportunity to become a thought leader in your niche.

When you establish yourself as a trailblazer, you can make the call on what’s relevant to your audience and what isn’t. But it won’t come easy. First, you need to have a deep understanding of your audience.

Find out what your customers need and what challenges they face. If they have an unresolved problem, that’s your opportunity to become a trailblazer. Determine how you can add value to their lives by solving this pain point.

Be unique

Every company has a different approach to digital marketing. What brand wouldn’t want to become more noticeable in a sea of competing businesses? In order to win, you have to be different.

However, it’s not just about standing out. Focusing on gimmicks might make you forget about what’s important. What really matters is being able to serve your customers in the best way.

So what can you do? You can use your campaigns to shift the tone around what’s important for your customers. By calling attention to what matters to your customers, you can change the game.

This is one way you can grow your customer base. Once the conversation begins to change and turns towards the real concerns of your audience, you might even have the power to change the course of your industry.

Be better

Even if you weren’t the first to launch digital marketing campaigns, you can still overtake your competition. How? By doing it better than them.

If they were the first to launch their campaigns, you have the chance to avoid the challenges they faced as a trailblazer. But the key is to really do things better than they did.

While your competitor might already have a substantial market share, you can entice their customers by analyzing what they really care about and determining your competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lastly, bank on your own strengths. What sets you apart from your competitors? Play it up against your competition’s weaknesses. Find out the unique way that will help you solve your customers’ pain points and amp it up. This can take you farther than your competitors ever got.

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Abe Rubarts

The CEO a.k.a. cat herder of Locus Digital, a digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas. He’s been in the industry for over 10 years. He’s great at herding cats, but it doesn’t come without his fair share of scratches - to which you don’t have to experience when you need his help.

He’s an expert on all things internet, including but not limited to: SEO/SEM, content creation, 2D/3D Animation, PPC and more! He has led dozens of successful projects for clients like Graham Holdings, Forney, Mitel, Indigo Workplace, and and more.

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