Engaging Brand Presence That Earns 20% More Conversions on Average with Social Media Marketing

Form relationships with consumers that will bring them closer to your business through valuable
content that we will develop for your social media channels.
For every 3 minutes a user spends on the internet,
1 minute is spent on social media.
Did you know that two-thirds of all Americans are using social media?

With an optimized social media profile, we will get your brand’s message across at the right time, in the most engaging way.

Having social media pages will help you:
  • Interact with 32% of Gen Xers, 30% of millennials, and 14% of baby boomers online
  • Get up to 40% higher chance of conversion from engaging with customers
  • Earn a recommendation from 71% of consumers
  • Provide customer care to at least 70% of consumers
Locus Visual Arts will navigate the social media marketing roadmap to help you achieve good customer engagement and drive website traffic as well as sales. 

Our social media specialists will craft unique posts that boost brand awareness and build meaningful connections with your audience.

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Elevate Your Presence on Social Media Platforms with Our Social Marketing Service

Social media optimization

3.4% of website visits are on social media pages.

What happens when consumers don’t find your business on social media?

You won’t have the chance to communicate with consumers in a meaningful way. You can’t make a connection with them. They’ll spend more money on your competition instead of you.

Social media optimization will get your brand on those relevant channels. It helps you establish and strengthen a presence that can reach your customers.

Content creation

Social media users spend 135 minutes a day online.

What happens when you don’t post content regularly?

Your unique content will encourage engagement from consumers as they spend time on different platforms.

Do you want to miss out on the opportunity to target the right audience and strengthen your connection with them by not publishing enough?

Content creation ensures that you will always have something to offer them that will add value to their day. It helps your business stay at the top of their minds, edging out your competition.

Social media integration

A great brand experience is effective in increasing sales, according to 56% of marketers.

Your social media profiles and your website should work hand in hand in promoting your brand. Is this connection seamless?

Social media is great for leveraging your marketing efforts. Your website can increase your social media visibility. Why not make the most of it?

Social media integration allows you to create a flawless brand experience for your business to drive revenue. All it takes is tying your social media presence with your website and other channels. 

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