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Hackers, and Natural Disasters

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$500 million is lost each year due to unmaintained websites.
It only takes a few simple mistakes to bump your conversion rate down by 74%...

Without proper web hosting and maintenance, these mistakes will only continue to grow until your business is in ruins!

Advantages of web hosting and maintenance:
  • Better leads and sales. Properly maintained websites are always faster than the competition and have no dead links.
  • No loss of sales. Your business is always online and ready to serve your customers.
  • Your brand and reputation are intact. Your website is safe and secure against trolls, hackers, and algorithm changes.
  • Complete control. Make any changes that you want whenever wherever.
  • Your business can withstand natural disasters with our quick data backups and light-speed servers.
Locus Visual Arts will keep your website in excellent condition and safe from persistent trolls, malicious hackers, and even from Google’s random changes!

Our web experts will make sure your business is up 24/7 even when disaster strikes! With our quick backup and servers, your business will continue run smoothly like a disaster never happened!

Want a Website Hosting Service with Iron-Clad Safety and Security?

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(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)
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Which Hosting Is Best For You?


Sometimes you just need everything in place so your website is ready for anything, anytime.

Our ultimate hosting is your one-stop hosting solution where everything you would possibly need is packed and loaded for you.


Businesses require a powerful and efficient hosting solution to handle large amounts of traffic.

Our enterprise hosting solution is designed to handle a huge amount of traffic without overloading, so your website is online 24/7 and fast enough to convert visitors into customers.


VPS hosting is best for people who are tired of jealous competitors, malicious users, and leaving personal traces online.

Our VPS hosting will keep your confidential business information safe and sound off the grid. 

Get web hosting & maintenance that helps
you sleep soundly at night

Absolutely no obligations!
(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)