PPC Marketing Service That Earns You at Least $2 For Every $1 You Spend

What happens when you combine paid advertising with conversion-focused copy and design? ROI, ROI, and more ROI!

Paid ad visitors are 50% more likely to buy than ‘organic’ visitors.

Conversion-focused paid advertising earns you 2x more sales for every single dollar you spend.

Even better, it’s the fastest way to make your brand known and get people talking about it!

Benefits of paid advertising:
  • Enjoy quality leads that’s 50% more likely to turn into an actual customer
  • Generate more sales by focusing your advertising efforts on those who will actually buy: your target market!
  • Blast your way to a massive pool of audience and let your brand and your offer be known
  • Sprint to the very first spot on Google without the waiting and the hard work
Locus Visual Arts combines the power of conversion-focused copy and design to make your paid ads irresistible to click. 

After you deploy your conversion-focused paid ads, It will only be a matter of time before you see leads and sales rush in!

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See How Conversion-Focused PPC Marketing Campaign
Exploded Our Clients’ Sales

We’ve compiled some of the incredible results our clients have enjoyed from using our conversion-focused ads.

See for yourself how our systematic approach to advertising can help your business achieve the same incredible results.

The Undeniable Advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising


There are 1.15 billion online users on Facebook every day, making it the best platform to increase brand awareness and engagement in a snap.

Here are some advantages of using Facebook ads:

Personalized ads 

You decide the type of Facebook user who will get to see your ads. You can be very specific about your audience, right down to their favorite sports team. 

Lightning Fast Results

The moment you deploy your Facebook ads, you’ll get massive attention, reactions, and comments from the best crowd: your target audience. 

Virality Potential

The moment your Facebook ad goes viral, it will fast track every goal you’ve set for your brand: from brand awareness to brand recall right down to making actual sales.


63,000 searches are made every second on Google. Having a Google ad will put you on the top spot whenever the right people are looking for your products and services.

Here are some advantages of using Google ads:

Right Connection

Being on Google means relevant customers are knocking on your business door. They made a relevant search and you’re on the top spot, making your link the first one they click.

Highly Specific

Google ads remove the irrelevant problems by allowing you to become highly specific on the location and language of your target audience. You can even set a specific time so you know every click counts.

Easily Measurable

Google provides instant access to data that makes it easier for you to gain insight into why your ad works and how you can pull off the same results again.

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