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Berean Academy

What We Designed:
We outfitted the Berean Academy website in its signature shade of green, coupled with white to convey a clean, academic feel to the entire layout. It opens with a broad image header featuring photos of school activities to highlight what the establishment offers.

Above it is the logo, a hoverable dropdown menu, and an Enroll button that takes you to the Admissions page. We built the entire site with WordPress and CalendarWiz software.

Further down the line you’ll see a brief description of the school and its accreditation. We also included minimalist line art icons that depict the Lunch Menu, Admissions, Berean Blog, School Calendar, and Athletics Calendar pages.

The next section below features a sub-menu on the Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Alumni, and Summer Reading Program courses. Clicking on each tab displays photos and details of each category without flipping you to another page.

In the footer, we indicated the school’s physical address and contact numbers. At the bottom right of the page, you’ll find the arrow that takes you to the top og the page, and a Translate button that automatically translates the website’s content into Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish.

Since this website provides relatively plenty of content, we decided that the clean and traditional look coupled with modern and minimalist elements would convey both authority and youth for the school’s image.

About Our Client:
Berean Academy is a college preparatory school that’s based in Hixson, Tennessee.

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