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Office Supplies Wholesaler

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Epic Business Essentials

What We Designed:
For the Epic Business Essentials website we used a simple, 1-sidebar magazine Spyropress 3.7.0 theme, with an animated header that features the company’s products. Since this company provides a wide selection of office and school supplies, we decided to give the website a utilitarian and fresh look, to make it easier for visitors to shop in their online tore.

The Epic Business Essentials website is targeted towards direct customers and dealers, so we integrated a registration and login form for exclusive clients.

In the left sidebar, we placed links to details about the company, its dealers, and its financial impact as a local supplies resource. We also included a Dealer Login for their business partners.

The main content area includes a brief introduction about the company, plus links to its pricing, products, delivery modes, and urgent delivery modes. At the footer you’ll see links to their Abut Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Delivery, Returns, and Terms of Use pages, as well as their email and bact to top button.

Their main menu floats over the entire page so you can access it from any point in the site. A color scheme of blue, light gray, and white also adds to the entire ‘clean store’ feel of the website.

About Our Client:
Based in Austin, Texas, Epic Business Solutions is an independent provider of office and school supplies that places its main thrust on buying local. It is partnered with local dealers to help support the local and small-scale economy.

Launch Project:


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