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EPIC Federal

What We Designed:
This is the official website of the Independent Stationers office supplies cooperative. Since this company has several branches all over the US, what better design theme would fit it than the country it represents?

The EPIC Federal homepage starts off with a large login section for members, so they can easily stay updated with the industry news. The main menu includes contract details, about section, benefits, and the contact page. Underneath it is an animated carousel header that features brief descriptions of the cooperative’s services, benefits, and background.

Scrolling down further you’ll find the menu of products that the company provides, a brief description of the cooperative, and three animated icons that link to the company’s partners, contract and vendor information, and benefits. There are also free downloadable PFDs, numerous badges of organizations in contract with the cooperative, and finally in the footer, you’ll see their contact details, contact form, and site navigation menu.

The main menu links to the related sections in the home page, so you don’t have to flip through several pages throughout the website.

We included several visual elements that stand for USA, including photos of the White House, a map of the country dotted with the cooperative’s store locations, and the red-white-and-blue color scheme. This website was custom-built from the ground up to accommodate the cooperative’s requirements for being accessible to both visitors and registered members.

About Our Client:
Strongly focusing on upholding local production and economy first, Independent Staioners is a progressive cooperative of authorized dealers that specialize in providing office supplies to local communities all across the USA. They also service federal agencies and all US military branches.

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Office supplies

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