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Used Car Sales

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Used Car Factory

What We Designed:
For the Used Car Factory website, we made sure that the first impression visitors immediately get is one of power and speed. With a bold black header, a large animated header image, plus red-and-white text and menu accents, the design has an unimstakable dynamic appeal.

Once you scroll down, the hovering floating logo and main menu slightly reduce in size to accommodate the featured images and video sections. Hovering above the featured images cause them to flip over to reveal a red background that displays their respective links.

We also placed a brief welcome message and an extensive filtered search function on the Home page, plus  a scrolling thumbnail image gallery of the company’s recent vehicles. Hovering over each of the thumbnails causes a link to appear, which takes you straight to their respective stats and details pages.

At the footer is the copyright, company logo, and links to the Home, Inventory, Contact Us, and Blog pages, as well as the Back To Top button.

The entire website offers a vast range of product details, plus a special inspection report for the customer. To make sure that the website appears organized and authoritative, we used a categorized list-type layout for the products, and a grid layout for the featured testimonials.

To build this site, we used the Visual Composer for WordPress 4.2.7, with the Yoast plugin.

About Our Client:
Operating since 2001, Used Car Factory offers a selection of pre-owned car models both for auction and for sale. Each of the cars are personally inspected and used by the owner, to ensure that all customers receive the same high quality product standards he sets for himself.

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