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What’s new in Locus Digital?

Understand the importance of creating a stunning design for your website to create an impact on your site's visitors. Keep yourself up to date with the latest trends, strategies, and principles in web design to boost your conversions.
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Digital Marketing
How To Gain More Google Reviews
Want to boost your brand awareness and attract more leads? Here are ways to secure 5-star reviews from your customers.
Digital Marketing
SEO Vs Social Media Marketing: Which Is Better?
Social Media Marketing helps build connections with potential customers— learn how to use it with SEO to grow your brand.
Digital Marketing
A Secret Guide to Web Design Principles That Will Boost Conversions
Your website’s content doesn’t matter if poor design turns visitors away. Follow these 11 web design principles to drive conversions.
Digital Marketing
How to Check And Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score
Learn how to improve your Google Ads Quality score to raise your ad ranking and lower your cost per click.
Digital Marketing
How To Choose Keywords for Google Ads
Finding the right keywords can make or break your Google Ads campaign. Here’s what you need to know.
Digital Marketing
Website Templates vs Custom Sites: Which Is Better for Your Business?
Your business needs a website, but how should you build it? Let’s compare web templates vs. custom sites.
Digital Marketing
How To Choose The Best Domain Name In The World
What is a Top Level Domain, and why does your site need one? Learn how to pick a domain name.
Digital Marketing
How To Create An Impeccable Backlink Portfolio
Want to rank better in Google results? Learn more about backlinks and how to use them effectively.
Digital Marketing
The Importance Of Keeping Your Website Current
Technology is always moving forward, and your site needs to keep up. Is it time for a redesign?
Digital Marketing
What Is A Domain Name? The Easy Guide For Non-Technical Business Owners
If you're new to running your website, here’s everything you need to know about domain names and website hosting.
Digital Marketing
8 Wonderful Choices For Your CRM System
Your customers are your business. Manage their data and communicate effectively with a quality CRM system.
Digital Marketing
CDN Is A Must For Your Website And Here Is Why
Boost your site’s loading time all over the globe by using a Content Delivery Network.
Digital Marketing
Why Google Analytics And Google Search Console Are The Best Free Tools Out There?
Discover how using Google Analytics and Google Search Console together can optimize your site’s performance and drive conversions.
Digital Marketing
Simple Tricks To Find the Perfect Long Tail Keyword For Your Blog
Picking the right long-tail keyword gets the right customers to your site. Here’s how to find the perfect one.
Digital Marketing
The Complete Guide To Using Google Ads: Everything To Know
Optimize your Google Ads to reach your target audience more efficiently and improve your conversion rates.
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Trends in 2022
Here’s what you need to know to keep your digital marketing strategy on the cutting edge in 2022.
Digital Marketing
Why Your Website Is Lost Without The DNS
Without the Domain Name System, your site is invisible to users searching the web. See how it works.
Digital Marketing
Why Should Google Be Your Best Friend?
Want to see massive growth for your site without spending money? Learn how to get the most out of Google.
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 101: Strategies for a Successful Online Brand Awareness
Spreading brand awareness brings in new customers. Here’s how you can stand out from the competition.
Digital Marketing
Heads Up, Roofers! Marketing Your Services Is Now A Moral Responsibility
Help people in need of repairs find your roofing company with these marketing tips just for roofers.
Digital Marketing
4 Steps to Developing a Winning Content Marketing Strategy
Make sure your marketing efforts pay off with these 4 steps to developing winning content.
Digital Marketing
3 Ways to Get Ahead Through Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and attract customers. Learn how to do it correctly.
Digital Marketing
3 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns
Make sure your marketing efforts perform consistently by following these 3 tips to optimize your campaigns.
Digital Marketing
4 Digital Marketing Tips for Start-Ups
Here are 4 ways startups can use cost-effective digital marketing strategies to build connections with potential customers.
Digital Marketing
5 Basic Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Convert
Is one of these 5 common website problems why your visitors aren’t converting? Here’s how to tell:
Digital Marketing
5 Online Marketing Optimization Mistakes To Avoid
Five common digital marketing mistakes you might be making and some ways you can improve your online marketing campaigns:
Digital Marketing
How Businesses Risk Losing Customers by Ignoring Google’s Recommended Mobile Friendly Configuration
Google now recommends a mobile-friendly site configuration. Don’t risk missing out on potential customers. Learn about responsive web design.

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David Welby
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Thank you!!”
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Epiphany Staffing Group
“I have worked with Abe and his team at Locus Digital on several occasions. Their professionalism and creativity are unmatched in the design industry. I have been thoroughly pleased with the results of our relationship.”
Jerry Bryant
Owner Arrow Concepts
“Abe developed an incredible animated video for my industrial equipment manufacturing company. Abe's talents and skills enabled a company of our size and budget to offer a presentation one would expect from a business far larger and with more resources than we had at that time.”
Vincent Sands, P.E. 
President, Boilerroom Equipment Inc.
“Working with Abe and the Team he has created at Locus Digital has been fantastic! They keep us updated on trends and new tools to keep our sites Professional and Secure! 
I look forward to our interactions as I always learn something new! In the future, I hope to utilize more of the services and tools Abe and his team offer!!”
Andy Sullenberger
Manager, Customer and System Support at EPIC Business Essentials, Independent Suppliers Group
“Finding Abe as a business partner was a great value for me. A trusted technology partner, he always came through with flying colors as well as provide ideas and best practices that I had not possibly considered. I would recommend Abe without question.”
Nita Turpin
Business Development Executive, Staples Print and Marketing Services
“I became one of Abe’s customers about 7 years ago. He is very quick to respond to my needs, knowledgeable, a problem-solver, and pleasant to deal with. Whatever I request for our website, he gets it done better or explains why I might want to consider something else. For someone like me, having Abe help with the technical needs of my business is a true blessing since it is not my area of expertise. I trust his insight & ability.”
Tina L. Cook 
Executive Director, Athens Limestone Co. Family Resource Center
“Abe provides state-of-the-art graphics and dynamic flow presentations tailored to your specific company.
He follows up with monthly maintenance keeping unwanted traffic from soliciting your website.
I would recommend Abe for your company’s website presentation to grow your business.”
Jeff Bailey
President, Applied Thermal Solutions
“I worked with Abe and the Locus Digital team for over a year and I have to say… over-delivering is an understatement. 
He went over and above and was so supportive and professional. 
The depth of knowledge, the strategies, and the sales funnels that he provided were top-notch. 
He really has your best interest and your success at heart and does everything he can to see you succeed. 
Thank you so much, Abe and Team."
Vikki Thomas
Founder & Trainer of "Frequency of Success"