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You Don’t Need to Figure Out Google’s Rules On Your Own

You didn’t go into business because you love understanding keywords, website architecture, and meta tags. 

You went into business to serve your customers. You don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with Google’s ever-changing recommendations and algorithms. You just want to spend your time doing what you do best, delivering precisely what your customers want every single time. 

The problem is that if you don’t adapt to Google, your organic traffic dries up, sales fall, and profits shrink. 

Locus Digital Has the Knowledge and Tools to Upgrade Your Homepage

We can help. We started Locus Digital because we do love understanding algorithms. Our team of search engine optimization experts can help you get more traffic from your ideal customers and convert that traffic into paying customers. 

Our team of SEO experts will examine your site and analyze it for these key SEO indicators:
  • Website load speed
  • Domain / URL
  • Homepage metatags
  • Homepage structure
  • Keyword tags & placement
  • Page indexing & crawler accessibility
  • Social media connections
After we complete our analysis, we will send you a detailed, easy-to-read report that outlines what your website’s weaknesses are. 

The website analysis and report are provided to you free of charge. You can do whatever you want with the report. You can ignore it or try and fix the issues by yourself. 

Or—we can fix all of these issues we flag for a one-time investment of $95. For just $95, we will give your homepage a one-time tune-up so that it’s ready to dominate the search results and boost your revenues.

Our Money-Back Promise

We only want to work with businesses who are thrilled with our work. You are already taking enough risks running a business in this hypercompetitive market. 

We want to take the risk out of upgrading your website’s SEO. 
We offer a money-back guarantee that your site will have a score of 80+ or higher after our on-site SEO work.

That’s how confident we are that we can improve your site’s performance. Here at Locus Digital, we have helped hundreds of businesses over 8 years more than 4x their revenues. We’d love to deliver killer results like these to you.

Click here to secure your $95 one-time on-site SEO upgrade.

A Closer Look at What We Do

One of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your homepage is by focusing on something called on-site SEO. 

On-site SEO is all about making sure the content and structure of a webpage or website is optimized for the things that search engines like to see and for the things that make your website visitors happy. What Google cares most about is the user experience.

The key issues our team focuses on include:
  • Stunning visuals for users and Google
  • Structure of your site’s content
  • Is content aligned with user intent?
  • How fast does your homepage load?
  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Is URL SEO friendly?
  • Best keyword use & placement

Is Your URL Ready to
Conquer Google?

Here is what Google wants to see in a URL:
  • Is your URL the right length?
  • Can both machines and humans read your domain name?
  • Does your URL resemble one of the top-level domains?
The bad news is that there are some things that you cannot fix. If your domain name is too long, you’re stuck with it—unless you want to completely start from scratch. 

The good news is that there are still a lot of other things you can tweak on your website that can more than makeup for a weak domain name. 

Our job is to be fully transparent and let you know everything we find in our analysis and then to upgrade everything we can to make your site rocket up in the search engine rankings.

Are You Using the Right Tags in the Right Places?

One of the best ways to boost your website’s Google score is to make sure you are using the right words in all of the right places. 

That means having the right keywords in your titles and subtitles. It also means making sure all of your titles and metadata are the right length. 

When we analyze your website, we find the answers to these questions:
  • Does your title have the right keyword?
  • Is the keyword in the right place?
  • Is your title in the Goldilocks zone—not too short and not too long?
  • Are there keywords in your meta-description?
  • Is your meta-description the right length?

Does Your Website Look Good to Google and to Your Customers?

Your website needs to serve two masters. You need to make Google happy, and you need to thrill your customers. If you have beautiful visuals that customers love but that aren’t optimized for Google, your site will lag behind in the rankings. 

But don’t worry. We know exactly what Google wants to see in your site’s visuals.

We make sure that your website’s images are:
  • Readable by Google
  • Have the right keywords in their descriptions
  • Are the right size so your page loads fast

Is Your Content and Structure Ready for Google’s Crawlers?

Your content is king. It should be the most important thing on your site. After all, it’s the words that persuade people to trust and buy from you. 

But, Google has some very specific things they want to see in your content before they will give your site the search engine ranking it deserves. 

Like everything else on your site, your content needs to make machines and people happy, and that means your content needs to be well-written and well-structured.

Google’s crawlers look at your content to see:
  • Do they feature the right keyword?
  • Is your content logically structured?
  • Does the page have a keyword focus?
  • Are your heading tags in order?
  • Is the keyword in the right place?
  • Does the site have a sitemap?
  • Is there a share button?
  • Are there any inbound links?
  • Are the right size so your page loads fast?
  • Does it repeat the keyword enough, but not too much?
We make sure that Google will love your homepage content.

Eight Years of Crushing the Competition

Here at Locus Digital, we are proud to be Dallas’s top SEO agency. There’s a reason that we’ve dominated the competition for more than 8 years.
We deliver results. 

We’ve served more than 750 delighted clients who have gone on to dominate their industries thanks to their supercharged websites.

Our team of elite SEO specialists are ready to help your business join our roster of successful clients.

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