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You’re good at what you do, we’re good at growing businesses—your competition is most likely trying to do both. Let’s do better than them!
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of businesses in
every industry
are getting poor (or “so-so”) conversions from their website or marketing.
The top 3% know a growth secret that most businesses don’t know or maybe even choose to ignore.
The secret? No matter what industry you’re in, it’s better to leave the marketing and design part to experts with proven results and years of expertise.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. You need a growth partner who has done literally thousands of A/B tests and knows what works and what doesn’t in both design and marketing.

We know our craft just like you know yours

We’ve helped over 773 business owners beat the competition…
and YOU are next!
Absolutely no obligations!
(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)

Our Competition-Crushing

Here are different ways we can help you destroy your competition—legal and non-violent ways, of course.

We know our craft just We don’t lift weights, but we’ll do
the heavy lifting for you! like you know yours.

(So you can focus on more important stuff like running your business…)
Absolutely no obligations!
(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)
Years in
Cups of

Did we mention we absolutely love testing
and tweaking?

It’s like a game to us. If something just refuses to work, we think of unique ways to make it work—absolutely no excuses.
We’re your growth partners and we won’t stop until it works!


"Do I like the red shirt or the blue shirt? I'm going to try both of them on and see which one looks best." It's like that, but for your brand’s website and marketing strategies.

We compare two versions by showing two variants (let's call them A and B) to similar visitors at a time. A/B testing is the scientific methodology that lets you skip the guesswork. Launch the two variants and the one with the higher conversion rate wins!


We check what parts of your overall marketing strategy and website go cold and unloved. We also look at which ones get all the attention.

That’s because you should be putting more money on the opportunities that would yield a high return on your marketing investment. And, while we move your money away from the non-converting aspects (so it doesn’t go to waste), we’ll leverage new ideas and new features to improve it!

Why Smart Business Owners
Choose Us


We’re able to shift quickly with the changes whether it’s on the client’s business or marketing plans, or even the marketplace. We’re also not just aware of the trends. We constantly test our own assumptions so our clients stay ahead of the competition!


You need an agency you can work with in the long run. An agency who will treat you like a partner, not just another client. We believe that growing your business doesn’t have to be boring and serious. We’re fun, full of energy, and client-centric!


Most agencies focus on your short-term ROI. We focus on long-term ROI which will keep bringing in revenue even if you’re no longer working with us. Our happy clients stick with their design and marketing strategies for years after working with us!

You’re smarter than the competition, right?

With us by your side, you’ll have a serious competitive edge they
won’t ever have.
Absolutely no obligations!
(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)

Our 7-Step Process to Help You Dominate Your Market

Breaking the Ice


It's like a first date without the awkward small talk. This is where we figure out what your brand is and learn about what makes it special. You’ll also learn more about Locus and how we can help you achieve your business goals.
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Planning the Attack


Questions here and there, but this is what makes our output conversion-focused and results-driven. We learn more about your ideal customers, your business, your market—and we come up with a foolproof strategy to dominate the market.
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Preparing for War


We lock our team in a remote cabin for a few weeks to start building the assets we need—it’s a joke, don’t call 911! This part involves a lot of late nights, early mornings, and a ton of caffeine. We focus on creating the best for you, our business partner!
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Let’s Check

You know that kid who finishes the exam way before everyone and still checks his work three times? That’s how we work. Whenever we create something, we gotta make sure it works and yields positive results. We’ll never let you launch a half-finished rocket.
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Have you ever seen a rocket launch in the movies? This is something similar. After testing a number of times, your design or marketing will be ready to launch. We give you the launch button and all you have to do is push the button when you’re ready.
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Let’s face it, what good is an amazing website without an audience to see it. We bring the most relevant traffic to your site and all you have to do is sit back and watch your revenue increase The best part? You can leave it as it is for years and still see sales coming in.
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Have you ever seen a rocket launch in the movies? This is something similar. After testing a number of times, your design or marketing will be ready to launch. We give you the launch button and all you have to do is push the button when you’re ready.
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We put ourselves in your buyer’s shoes before creating your
design or marketing strategy.

It may sound like BS, but our process has helped us achieve
above-average results for our clients...
Absolutely no obligations!
(We won’t bite if you think we’re not a good fit.)

Are Your Competitors

Getting More

It may sound like BS, but our process has helped us achieve
above-average results for our clients...
Most visitors only spend 15 seconds on a website before they leave the homepage. If your website passes this 10-point checklist, you’ll definitely destroy your competition…

Find out how you can turn your website into a sales magnet by downloading your free checklist today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Locus Digital?

Locus provides your business with a convenient and accessible way to combine services into a complete design and/or marketing package. You tell us what you want us to do, our experts brainstorm with you, and we provide suggestions about the best ways to achieve your company goals. After that, you focus on running your business while we focus on your design or your marketing to exceed your highest expectations. We keep you updated on the progress of the project, allowing you to join the process at any time.

How can Locus’ services help my business?

Most clients choose to work with us because we help them grow their business and save them some precious time so they can spend more time with family or hobbies. Working with us also gives business owners peace of mind knowing that experts are helping them with marketing and design. The truth is that business owners waste thousands and thousands of dollars working with the wrong agency or trying to do everything themselves. Trust us when we tell you, “Leave it to the experts!”

How is Locus Digital different from all the other full-service agencies?

We’ve been helping our clients achieve huge long-term ROIs for more than 8 years now. We’ve A/B tested literally thousands of times and we know what works and what doesn’t—heck, we even adapt quickly to marketing and design trends! But not only that, we treat each and every client as a business partner. We don’t simply set it and forget it. We’re your long-term partner who values your business just as much as you do! Plus, we only work with clients whom we can make more profitable online. That could be: by saving you money, bringing you more value for the money you already spend, or by increasing your traffic, leads and online sales.

What experience does the staff at Locus have?

We have a wide range of experts in our company who have years of experience. We firmly believe that an agency is just as good as its weakest employee, and that’s why we have none! All of our staff are experts in their field and we constantly provide them with training so you can be sure that all the design and marketing you get from us follow the industry’s best practices and everything we’ve learned through years of trial and error and A/B testing.

What is the pricing for Locus service?

Our rates are not cheap, but that’s just because we actually get results for our clients that’s worth up to 10x our fees. We work with many different budgets. But we can’t come up with a fixed quote because each project has unique requirements and goals. This is why we require all potential clients to hop on a call with us so we can better assess your needs, discuss realistic costs for services, and set a budget together. Trust us that we’ll give you more than your money’s worth—our clients would’ve spent thousands of dollars more if they chose someone else to do it or if they tried doing it themselves!

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Our Happy & Satisfied

“Thanks to Locus Digital, everything’s changed: our call volume’s gone up, the way we handle our calls has changed, and the amount of calls we’ve gotten"
David Welby
Paul Bange Roofing
“I cannot remember a time that I had a true “supplier-partner” associated with my business. Locus Digital has and continues to exceed my expectations. I rely heavily on them for web design,SEO, animation and marketing development.
Kevin E. France
CEO Momentum Consulting
“Locus Digital is great to work with! They always respond to me in a timely manner and have been great to work within my budget. As a non-profit, he has really helped me maximize my website.
Thank you!!”
Shelli W.
“We would like to thank our Web Design, Hosting, Video Production, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and much more guru, Locus Digital. We have gone from “Epiphany Who?” to being on page one of google search.”
Donna Roland
Account Manager
Epiphany Staffing Group
“I have worked with Abe and his team at Locus Digital on several occasions. Their professionalism and creativity are unmatched in the design industry. I have been thoroughly pleased with the results of our relationship.”
Jerry Bryant
Owner Arrow Concepts
“Abe developed an incredible animated video for my industrial equipment manufacturing company. Abe's talents and skills enabled a company of our size and budget to offer a presentation one would expect from a business far larger and with more resources than we had at that time.”
Vincent Sands, P.E. 
President, Boilerroom Equipment Inc.
“Working with Abe and the Team he has created at Locus Digital has been fantastic! They keep us updated on trends and new tools to keep our sites Professional and Secure! 
I look forward to our interactions as I always learn something new! In the future, I hope to utilize more of the services and tools Abe and his team offer!!”
Andy Sullenberger
Manager, Customer and System Support at EPIC Business Essentials, Independent Suppliers Group
“Finding Abe as a business partner was a great value for me. A trusted technology partner, he always came through with flying colors as well as provide ideas and best practices that I had not possibly considered. I would recommend Abe without question.”
Nita Turpin
Business Development Executive, Staples Print and Marketing Services
“I became one of Abe’s customers about 7 years ago. He is very quick to respond to my needs, knowledgeable, a problem-solver, and pleasant to deal with. Whatever I request for our website, he gets it done better or explains why I might want to consider something else. For someone like me, having Abe help with the technical needs of my business is a true blessing since it is not my area of expertise. I trust his insight & ability.”
Tina L. Cook 
Executive Director, Athens Limestone Co. Family Resource Center
“Abe provides state-of-the-art graphics and dynamic flow presentations tailored to your specific company.
He follows up with monthly maintenance keeping unwanted traffic from soliciting your website.
I would recommend Abe for your company’s website presentation to grow your business.”
Jeff Bailey
President, Applied Thermal Solutions
“I worked with Abe and the Locus Digital team for over a year and I have to say… over-delivering is an understatement. 
He went over and above and was so supportive and professional. 
The depth of knowledge, the strategies, and the sales funnels that he provided were top-notch. 
He really has your best interest and your success at heart and does everything he can to see you succeed. 
Thank you so much, Abe and Team."
Vikki Thomas
Founder & Trainer of "Frequency of Success"