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From Sad to Fab: How Locus Digital Transformed Plastiform’s Online Presence

Background: About Plastiform

Operating for nearly half a century, Plastiform is the industry’s best-kept secret for manufacturing plastic thermoformed packaging supplies, trays, display hardware, and more. Consumers have likely interacted with Plastiform products while opening gifts on Christmas morning or shopping for cosmetics, snacks, toys, and games. Some of Plastiform’s clients include Tesla, FritoLay, and Cabela’s.

Background: Before Locus Digital

Before Locus Digital stepped in, Plastiform was losing customers in the depths of a confusing website and less-than-effective Google Ads strategy. Thanks to their previous agency (🙄), their approach to marketing was a bit difficult to navigate, and with virtually no funnel in place, Plastiform was suffering from some of the lowest industry conversions we’ve ever seen. Long story short, they were losing out on customers, profits, and engagement while attempting to pick up the pieces of a previous agency’s initiatives. That’s where we stepped in.

How Locus Digital Transformed Plastiform’s Online Presence

Through a comprehensive approach, Locus Digital was able to help Plastiform transform their presence in the digital space and stand out among the competition. Not only is Plastiform (and their website) more welcoming, it’s also effective at bringing in new business, converting leads to sales, and optimizing along the way. 

A Fresh New Face

Previously, Plastiform’s customer-facing website lacked a modern design and interface, which led to a high bounce rate and low conversion rate among visitors. It left them looking less equipped to create beautiful packaging components than they truly were. Locus Digital opted for a total web design overhaul and gave Plastiform’s website a makeover, implementing a commanding design, bold color scheme, and easy-to-navigate layout. Visitors are now drawn into Plastiform’s online experience, benefiting from the digestible design and concise information presented.


Before Locus Digital, Plastiform hadn’t invested in identifying search terms, and weren’t equipped to improve site rankings or search results for their business. Now, Plastiform benefits from consistent Page 1 ratings across some of their most crucial keywords, including “plastic retail packaging,” “formed plastics,” and “thermoformed plastic packaging.” These keywords unlock an entirely new world of potential clients and new business across the Google suite. A quick analysis of Plastiform’s Google Analytics dashboard boasts an impressive +57 positional increase. We consider that a win.

Impressive PPC Performance

With their previous agency, Plastiform’s Cost Per Lead (CPL) was $131.84. That means they were having to spend well over three figures just to get a potential lead in the door, and even that didn’t guarantee they’d convert. A collective focus on SEO initiatives, website experience, and more resulted in an opportunity for Plastiform to save money and increase lead frequency when it came to CPL. Locus Digital was able to generate 36 leads over a 30-day period at a cost of only $40.80 per lead. Compared to Plastiform’s previous month, Locus Digital brought in the same number of leads for less than ⅓ of the cost. 

Powerful Sales Funnel Implementation

By leveraging an impactful and valuable eBook lead magnet, making it easy for packaging/product engineers and business owners to increase sales and avoid product problems by switching to plastic thermoformed packaging, Locus Digital was able to create an efficient funnel campaign for Plastiform. The result? Plastiform’s credibility and authority in the marketplace was established and secured, positioning their company as the go-to resource for all things plastic thermoformed packaging while simultaneously securing contact details for a number of leads and site visitors.

Conversion-Driven Copywriting

In order to create an engaging presence for Plastiform’s website visitors and direct them through the sales funnel towards eventual conversion, Locus Digital relied on more than 20,000 conversion-focused words using a direct-response approach. To bolster offsite conversion efforts, we also launched a 52-week email sequence in order to welcome, nurture, and convert new leads. This comprehensive copywriting strategy helped Plastiform secure piping hot leads on a regular basis, and will continue to do so.

Marketing Automation & Conversion Optimization

In order to accelerate the customer journey and boost off-site conversions for Plastiform, Locus Digital implemented a marketing automation system specifically designed for conversion optimization. By leveraging our extensive experience in email marketing and delivery timelines, we leveraged a behavior-based approach for long-term nurture campaigns. All of this happens in the background automatically, making maintenance for Plastiform a breeze and allowing them to focus on what matters most - customer relationships.

3D Video Animation

Plastiform’s industry is driven by potential customers being able to visualize their product and project as it comes to life. By including complex 3D video animations throughout Plastiform’s site, we were able to showcase the aesthetics and functionality of their products to packaging engineers, product engineers, and other potential buyers. Allowing visitors to see Plastiform’s products in action and offering a visual representation of high quality options available was just another reason we saw increased leads over a 30-day period.

The Results

As we crossed the finish line of our project with Plastiform, we were able to leave them with the tools and structure necessary to continue exponential growth towards business goals. Plastiform now boasts a commanding web presence, complete with effective copywriting that hooks visitors and encourages them through the appropriate sales funnel. 

Plastiform now enjoys an impressive 5:1 direct return on their investment in Locus Digital. While we’re happy with the outstanding results of our partnership with Plastiform, we’re even happier that they are satisfied and thriving in their industry. We’ve added them to our list of more than 800 happy clients and more than 1,000 completed projects. Want to learn how Locus Digital does it better? Book a free consultation today.

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